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Meditation Healing

Mind, Body and Soul

Give yourself permission to allow the healing to take place. A relaxing treatment, where I take you on a meditative journey of releasing and healing where you actually give your body, mind and emotions permission to heal and know that's it's ok. Some people want to feel better, but tend to hang on to things, as it has become the way a person is, (their identity if you like...) and almost a crutch; if you take away the crutch, the person feels like they are losing their identity. 
Their condition has become a way of life, and it's sometimes all they have known, so there will be something that holds the person back from freeing themselves of their situation. By giving yourself full permission and actually working with me and taking part in your own healing journey and therefore bringing in the mind and body connection, you will find this is freeing in itself..

Yoga Pose
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