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Meditation Classes

Benefits the Mind, Body and Soul

Meditation Class

Mindfulness, Meditation, Energy Work.

Meditation sessions, where I bring in mindfulness leading into meditation and energy work

Why is Meditation So Important?

The human mind is like a playful child who keeps prancing from one thought to the other with ‘restless’ abandon. Hence, it becomes difficult to concentrate on the task at hand.

When your thoughts are out of order and you cannot seem to organize them, meditation comes in handy as it works as a tool which helps you focus better and derives good results. A person who indulges in a 30-minute motionless meditation daily will witness great improvement in concentration levels and become more focused and learn to appreciate life.

Meditation is the best proven way of calming your restless mind and building concentration. While Buddhist monks engage in meditation to attain nirvana, you can attain greater inner peace when meditating. There is no age bar when it comes to practicing meditation.

On a mental level, meditation:

  • teaches you to be more kind and compassionate to yourself and others

  • teaches you to relax into yourself

  • improves awareness of your body and state of mind

  • helps you accept yourself the way your are

On a physical level, meditation:

  • reduces stress levels

  • lowers blood pressure

  • improves concentration and memory

  • lowers pain or helps you deal with pain better

  • decreases inflammation

  • lowers anxiety

  • improves sleep

  • lowers depression


Meditation Classes in your own home

If you find it difficult to get out to an evening class and prefer to be in your own space with just a few friends, I can come along to your home and hold a meditation class for you. I do sessions on mindfulness based stress reduction, meditation and personal development.

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