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My name is Alexa Young

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Access Bars Therapy


Access Bars Therapy is a lovely gentle treatment, where I hold 32 points on the head. It is a very light touch and there is no pressure at all. All you need to do is relax and be open to receiving the therapy. 

The 32 points on the head that I hold are where you have stored all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, considerations, emotions and attitudes that you thought were important in any lifetime. 

When you have your Bars run, it's like hitting the delete button on your computer.

The brain waves actually slow down when you get your Bars run allowing behavioural patterns, belief systems and points of view that you have been running from childhood or from other lifetimes, to be accessed.

You actually start to become more present in your life and the past doesn't project into your future the same way. By getting your Bars run you are literally changing the probabilities of future possibilities.

Bars can be used to facilitate change in all areas of your life. When you are willing to function from more consciousness you begin to open the doors to all healing.   

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