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Range of Massage Therapies

Mind, Body and Soul

As in a lot of things, one size does not always suit all, hence I offer a range of therapeutic massage techniques to suit how are you and what needs you have from a normal relaxing full body massage to a back massage, or even back and legs. The choice is yours, let's face it everyone is different!

Why not try one of the treatments below OR try a mix of these two therapies STICKS AND STONES and get double the benefit.

With any of my therapies, It might be possible to blend and do a Mix and Match so please take a look through and email me with your needs for more information and we can have a chat about which treatments you could try. 


Hot Stone Massage

A Gentle Deep Tissue Massage, Helps relieve muscle pain. A recommended treatment for fibromyalgia. 

Warm Bamboo Massage

Heated Bamboo Sticks provide a gentle but deep tissue massage, help to improve blood circulation and Lymphatic drainage

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