Reiki Treatment

Chakra Balancing Session

An Ancient Science

This is a hands-on body treatment that leaves patients feeling relaxed and renewed. 
I’ve been studying and working with the chakras and aura for 17 years, and I appreciate them as tools for getting to the heart of things.
Nothing happens physically or emotionally that isn’t generated first energetically.
What are the Chakras? CHAKRAS are a series of energy centres inside and outside of the physical body. They can be considered the bodies main energetic glands or organs. The seven major chakras have specific colours that run up the vibrational spectrum. The first base chakra is red, as you travel up the rainbow spectrum it goes to the seventh, violet. The colours have specific purpose, meanings and interpretations. The chakras can be healed, aligned, and cleansed. Chronic chakra problems can signal health, mental health or endocrine imbalances, drug damage, and/or long standing acceptance of energy-diminishing contracts (cords, or attachment to others, and non-physical entities).