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Bespoke Treatments  (continued)


Kinesiology was originally used to test muscle function, the word being derived from the Greek 'Kinesis' meaning movement. In the medical sciences it is the name given to the study of muscles, the movement of the body, and the mechanics of the body.
Kinesiology has many different branches, all with muscle monitoring at their core. As well as using the muscle response to establish blockages in the body's meridian energy system, it can be used to indicate psychological, emotional and mental aspects that are inhibiting the free flow of energy.
Kinesiology allows us to look at all aspects of health and their interaction. 
Energetic Kinesiology considers the stress of the body to be a compensation for the reactions to life and experience. The compensation to stress may show in the neurology (in the nerves and nuclei in the brain or spinal cord)
It may show in the hormones, blood, lymph. organs, tissues, muscles; it may also manifest in the emotions and mental reactions or in the aura, chakras or meridians.
Kinesiology is also a great way to help us remain healthy, so that small imbalances are not able to grow into bigger symptoms. 
Your body cannot hurt you, everything it does is sending you a message. Before your body has to shout at you, and even before it whispers to you, you can hear it speak it's wisdom.
Kinesiology is a natural health care which is a non-invasive, painless and fast acting method of healing developed by chiropractors incorporating the great wisdom of Chinese medicine 
The purpose of muscle testing is to look for and release stress, and enable a smooth flow of energy on the body.
Kinesiology is not treating or diagnosing disease, but finding where the energy is blocked and releasing the blockages thus allowing the body to heal itself. We feel at our best emotionally, physically and mentally when energy is flowing freely.

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