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On Calming Moments news report today...

Hello, after a long time holding back from this, please be aware that as from 1st November, due to the ever rising costs of running a business, I am having to increase my prices. Because I've always tried to keep my prices affordable for people who really need healing and massage I am only increasing them by £2 per treatment.

I hope you agree that the amount is not too bad and hopefully folks will still think my prices are reasonable.




Calming Moments Holistic Therapies also has Facebook page

under CalmingMoments(Holistic Therapies) where you can keep updated on what is going on at the therapy room, offers and even meditations .

At my therapy room at the Courtyard for your convenience, I now take payments from all major debit/credit cards as well as cash, should you prefer.

You can also still buy my products which I will be selling at the therapy room and also online, remember I have Incense, Healing Boxes, Meditation Boxes and Space Clearing Boxes etc available so if you want to purchase something please get in touch!  I look forward to welcoming you all to the New Calming Moments (Holistic Therapies) home.. 

Calming Moments (Holistic Therapies)

Room 2 The Court Yard.

Longbridge Street.



Mid Wales

SY16 2BJ  

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